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Download our brochure including an area map.

Go to our FAQ distances page for specific drive times from 21 different cities to each of our locations.

Black Chasm Cavern's map and directions page

California Cavern's map and directions page

Moaning Cavern's map and directions page

In Northern California

Average Drive Times to our 4 Locations
(represented by the red star):
Black Chasm Cavern, California Cavern and Moaning Cavern

drive times map
From Reno
3 hours

From Tahoe
2 hours, 40 minutes

From Yosemite
2 hours, 45 minutes

From Sacramento
1 hour, 45 minutes

From San Francisco
2 hours, 28 minutes

From San Jose
3 hours

From Los Angeles
6 hours

Black Chasm Cavern, California Cavern, Gold Cliff Mine, and Moaning Cavern are all located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills of California's historic Gold Country.

For exact drive times from 21 cities to each of our locations, go to our FAQ distances page. For map and directions to a specific location, click on the links above. For an overview map like the one in the animation above, go to our brochure, which you can preview online and download for printing out.

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