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adapt: to adjust to new or changed conditions

adaptation: the process of making adjustments to new conditions

bacteria: the plural term for bacterium meaning one-celled microorganisms

community: in ecology – a group of animal and plant species living together and having close interactions, especially through food relationships.

condition: anything that modifies or restricts the nature, existence, or occurrence of something else.

ecosystem: a system made up of a community of animals, plants, and bacteria and its interrelated physical and chemical environment.

elements: the natural environment consisting of earth, air, fire and water.

: the result of all the elements that influence living things in a given area

evaporate: to change into a vapor gas

evolve: to gradually change over time

evolution: the process of evolving

food web: a group of plant and animal life whose nutritional needs are provided by one another

fungus: any plant life that does not have flowers, leaves or chlorophyll (what makes plants green). Most common examples are mushrooms, mold and mildew

guano: the waste from bats and birds

humid: moist, damp conditions

Cavern Life Lesson Plan: page 12
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