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Sticks (dowels or twigs)
Scraps of fabric

Painting Canvas
Collect some fist sized or larger rocks

Create your brushes by spreading glue at one end of each stick and wrapping it with fabric. Let this dry while mixing your paint.

Carefully mix clay or chalk with water in the bowl, using the wooden spoon, to create paint. Be careful to not add too much water or your paint will be a thin liquid. You may have to experiement a few times to get the right consistency.

Paint directly onto the rocks you have collected. You can paint scenes telling a story or showing what happened at your birthday or another event. This is the way ancient peoples recorded their history.

Click on the Option 1 and Option 2 tabs above to see 2 cave art projects.

To see examples of prehistoric cave and rock art, to inspire your own creations, click on the COOL LINKS link button to the left.
Tempera paints

Painting Canvas
Brown paper grocery bags
Red clay
Powdered chalk
wooden spoon


Craft Brushes

Create your canvas by crumpling a brown paper grocery bag and soaking it in water. Take the bag out and then dry it flat. When the bag is dry it will look like leather hide, and makes a great canvas!

Paint your designs using your tempera paints with either brushes or Q-tips. Your finished art will look primitive.

As with option one, you can choose to paint a story, and record part of your own personal history. For instance, if you are painting the story of your birthday party, you could paint your cake, then the blowing out of the cake and then your favorite party game or gift. Keeping the paintings simple will be more like ancient cave art.