Black Chasm Cavern
National Natural Landmark

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Season and Hours

SUMMER SEASON (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

Open Daily. Tours run throughout the day. First tour departs at 9 am, last tour departs at 5 pm.

Labyrinth Tour OPEN. Call for reservations.

Map and Directions

To find our locations click on the map below.

black chasm cavern map


Above Ground Activities and Amenities

Gemstone mining
Gold P
Geode cracking
Nature hike
Picnic tables
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Black Chasm Cavern
Guided walk tours available every day of the year. Also, exciting NEW above ground Labyrinth Tour!
walk tour Labyrinth tour zip lines

Black Chasm Cavern was designated a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service in 1976 after being recommended by local members of the National Speleological Society, and as such is considered a "nationally significant natural area.”

Visitors to the cave are enchanted by the beauty of a wide variety of formations including stalactites, stalagmites, flow-stones and the vast arrays of rare helictite crystals, for which Black Chasm Cavern is justly famous. Above ground, kids love our gemstone mining at our mining flumes right outside the Visitors Center. Everyone is guaranteed to find some real gemstones; the perfect start to a rock collection! Try our new incredibly popular geode cracking too!

Our new 3,000 square foot Visitors Center provides information on Black Chasm Cavern's connection to the Matrix trilogy, and displays props from the movies: huge manufactured stalagmites from the Zion set. In addition, information is displayed on the discovery and mapping of numerous fragile, highly decorated, small chambers in Black Chasm Cavern by a team headed by Dr Hazel Barton who starred in the iMax movie "Journey into Amazing Caves".

Below is a video showing the tour at Black Chasm Cavern from coverage from KCRA. 

walk tourThe Walk Tour

The 50-minute Landmark Walk Tour follows a series of environmentally friendly platforms, stairs and walkways, designed to give the best views of the cave without compromising the naturally pristine environment. This beautiful tour shows off some world class formations, including vast arrays of rare helictite formations. Currently, the cave tour culminates in a visit to the Landmark Room, the location of the greatest collections of sparkling helictite crystals.

For safety reasons, we do not allow babies to be carried into the cave in backpacks. Front packs are okay, but be sure to protect the head in low areas.

This cavern tour is suitable for the entire family and makes an excellent school, scout or church field trip.

free birthdaysFACTS AT A GLANCE: Walk Tour
FREE birthday activity eligible. What's this?
Adventure Scale: 1 adventure scale 1.0
Availability Daily, year round
Regular cost per person $15.95 adult, $8.50 child (ages 3 - 12)
Length of trip 50 minutes
Group size Up to 20 people
Underground temperature 57°F year round
Making reservations Reservations necessary for GROUPS ONLY: call toll free any day of the week: 866-762-2837. Group discounts available.
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walk tourThe 3-hour Labyrinth Tour

This is a fun, physically challenging surface tour that explores picturesque rock outcroppings in the beautiful foothill forest surrounding the cavern.  This expedition involves hiking, climbing, crawling, sliding and slithering over, under and around mammoth rock sculptures that were created over 100 years ago when gold miners did hydraulic mining, washing away tons of soil exposing the massive rock structures. 

Expedition PreparationGuests will take the nature trail hike and cross the log foot bridge over Sutter Creek to reach the outcroppings.  They will then walk through the “Marble Corridor” and “Madrone Alley” to view the incredible tunnels and arches throughout the Labyrinth.  Then the fun really begins as they explore the crawlways of “Treasure Cove,” climb up “Knotty, Knotty,” slide down the “Slidewinder,” and "Oh Chute!," slither through the “Mountain Lion Passage," then squeeze through "The Keyhole" and much more!

Reservations are required in advance by calling 866.762.2837, and minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Download required waiver & release of liability.

FACTS AT A GLANCE: Labyrinth Tour
Adventure Scale: 3.5 adventure scale 1.0
Availability Weather permitting, open June - October.
Regular cost per person $79 per person
Length of trip 3 hours
Group size Up to 8 people
Age requirement Ages 8 and up only
Making reservations Reservations necessary. Call toll free any day of the week: 866-762-2837.
Equipment We supply helmets and safety glasses - to keep moss and dirt out of your eyes. Although we don't provide them, we also recommend knee pads and gloves.
Labyrinth Tour Photos: Click on a thumbnail to open up larger in a new window.

Click on links or images below to see larger versions of the upper and lower maps of Black Chasm Cavern by Hazel Barton, PhD.
Upper level map showing trail Lower level map showing lakes
black chasm cavern upper level map black chasm cavern lower level map

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