If you're coming from out of town for an Adventure Dating experience, we've made a deal for you with local innkeepers. Stay at one of the three locations listed below (each only 10-15 minutes from Moaning Cavern; 20 - 30 minutes from California Cavern) and receive 20% off their regular prices (subject to availability & only available at these prices to our Adventure Dating participants.) Click on the pictures to learn about each location.





The Middle Earth Expedition is currently our most challenging expedition and is a significant part of Adventure Dating at California Cavern. Click HERE to see pictures and a description of the trip.


If you are participating in Adventure Dating at Moaning Cavern, 2-hours of your adventure will be taken climbing and crawling through Moaning Cavern. Click HERE to see a map of the Adventure Trip crawl


The Adventure Trip is a challenging expedition and is a significant part of Adventure Dating at Moaning Cavern. Click HERE to see a slideshow of Adventure Trip pictures taken by Bill Becher. Click HERE to read a description of the Adventure Trip.


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What is Adventure Dating?
We took the popular concept of speed dating and combined it with our underground adventures (either the Adventure Trip at Moaning Cavern, or the Middle Earth Expedition at California Cavern) - for a unique and highly charged experience with lots of opportunity to check out the singles in your group, observe their behavior and identify who most peeks your curiosity. Best of all, no caving experience is necessary - so you can try a thrilling new adventure with the added bonus of participating exclusively with other singles looking to connect up.

How it Works
The evening consists of five parts:

  • GEAR UP!
    Get suited up for your caving experience. Don coveralls, gloves and helmet with light - then its off to the cavern. We'll start you out at the caving entrance, which necessitates crawling, sliding & climbing into the cave. Once into the first large chamber, we will provide you with a clipboard, pen and Adventure Dating scorecard. Then we'll start the first 5 minutes speed dating session.

    Seated on the cave floor, in a large chamber underground, we will time each date for 5 minutes, giving you an opportunity to meet every member of the opposite sex in the group, and scoring your interest in them. Then, we'll take back the clipboards, and you will continue on the adventure with the commencement of the Middle Earth Expedition.

    The group embarks on a highly charged 3 or 5-hour expedition in which you can observe each others behavior. Everyone on this trip has at least two things in common: physical fitness and a love of the outdoors. Click HERE to see pictures of our Adventure Trip. Click HERE to see pictures of our Middle Earth Expedition. See prospective partners as they challenge themselves to complete the adventure with courage and finesse, crawling and climbing through tight spaces in the cave on the spelunking portion of the trip. Who is drawing your attention as you progress? The guy who’s a team player and encourages others? The gal whose adventurous spirit and delight in the trip makes you smile? When this part of the evening is complete, you will already have an idea of who makes your heart race.

    When you emerge from the cave after the adventure, we will bus you back to the clean up area, where you will remove your coveralls and caving gear, and will use the showers in two shifts (make sure to bring a change of clothes.)

    Meet each member of the opposite sex from the entire group in a timed 5-minute date (we do the timing). Here’s your opportunity to really dazzle and be dazzled. There won’t be any trouble finding something to talk about - your shared caving experience is an easy topic. Following each date is a moment or two to rate him/her on your scorecard. Are you still interested in whomever caught your eye during the Adventure? Or in this more personal one-on-one meeting is someone new unexpectedly peeking your curiosity? Turn in your score cards showing who you would like to meet again, and we will match you up with the names & phone numbers of the people who had a reciprocal interest.

The Cost
The cost of participation is $150 per person for Adventure Dating with the Adventure Trip at Moaning Cavern, $200 for Adventure Dating with the Middle Earth Expedition at California Cavern, prepaid in full. You will be notified by e-mail if you have been selected for the Adventure Dating experience. Cost includes the following:

  • 2 speed dating sessions, monitored & timed by Sierra Nevada Recreation Corporation employees
  • Speed dating score cards & participant name tags
  • Coveralls, helmets, lights and gloves for each participant (knee & elbow pads are strongly recommended. Please purchase before coming out to the caverns.)
  • At least one experienced spelunking guide for each group of ten people - who will assist, educate & council throughout the rappelling (if included) and caving portion of the evening

    Adventure Dating is restricted to persons 21 years of age and older. Reservations must be made by the person who will be participating in Adventure Dating, not by a representative. Applicants should not be claustrophobic nor have a fear of heights. Every participant must be in good physical shape and have no serious health problems. Finding a compatible mate is not guaranteed. The Adventure Trip at Moaning Cavern and Middle Earth Expedition at California Cavern are challenging expeditions with inherent risks. All participants are required to complete a release and waiver of liability form in advance of their trip. Click HERE to view the Moaning Cavern waiver in PDF format, or HERE to view the California Cavern waiver as an html file - you can print one out, complete it and bring it with you or you can complete one at the cavern before you enter.

    To be determined.

    Please go to our EXPEDITION PREPARATION page and follow the directions. Remember, this trip will muddy and scuff your clothes and shoes - try to resist the urge to dress up. You will be most comfortable in jeans or shorts and t-shirt with tennis shoes or hiking boots. Intermission after the Adventure Trip will give you time to spruce up a little - and change into clean clothes.

    Sign Up
    If you would be interested in participating in our Adventure Dating experience please click HERE to e-mail us. Make sure to include your age, gender and sexual preference and location preference - Moaning Cavern or California Cavern. Include your daytime telephone numbers and the best times to call. We will take the first ten males and ten females within a twenty year age range who apply and who are available on the date the session is scheduled.

    You will qualify for our Adventure Dating experience if you are among the first twenty people (ten males, ten females) who apply within the age range who are available on the date the session is scheduled. We will notify you by e-mail and by phone if you qualify. Those who do not qualify for the first date will be notified when additional dates are set - giving them further opportunities to participate. Personal information including e-mail addresses will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone else for any other purpose.

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